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Adding Products to Your Shopify Store Through Design Generator
Adding Products to Your Shopify Store Through Design Generator

Learn another way to publish products to your Shopify store with Print Genie

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In the event that our Shopify app itself is under maintenance or has any other issues, another way to add products to your Shopify store is:

Step 1: Go to and log in your account

Step 2: Choose your product through

Step 3: Design your product

Step 4: Click "Save To Your Store"

Step 5: Select your store from the "Select List" Drop down and choose all the sizes you want to offer. By default, all sizes offered are chosen and you can take any size off by un-highlighting the size.

Step 6: Click Next and Edit your Title, Description, add any tags you wish, attach the size guide (please click to attach BOTH Imperial and Metric)

Step 7: Set the prices of your products that you would like to offer to your audience and your customers. You can also choose which collections to store this product under for your Shopify store.

Please make sure to select the option "Publish product." - this must be selected to push this product to your Shopify store.

Step 8: Click Next and that's it! Happy selling πŸ˜€

Please make sure to click "SYNC" when you click on the "View More" tab next to each product that is created. This SYNC button will make sure to send this order to us for us to fulfill for you.

Fulfillment times average 2-3 business days, but with COVID-19 and depending on volume, it could take an extra 1-2 business days. Shipping will depend on the method that is selected. Also depends on the product selected and inventory

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