Order Statuses Explained

Learn about what each order's status updates mean in your dashboard

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Orders will each move through different phases as they go through Print Genie's fulfillment process.

On each order - if it says "Processing" or "In Production" -- you can click on the order and a detailed pop up of the order details will show. In the order detail pop up, on the bottom left hand side you will see "Order History" with a time stamp of each step of the order in real time.

Here's a simple breakdown of what each state means:

Picked to Dispatch: This means that the order is currently undergoing the picking process, which means that a person has been assigned to pick the garment in the order to be printed.

Printing: This means that the garment(s) in the order are currently undergoing the printing process.

On Order/Restocking: This means that one or more garments in the order is currently awaiting a restock/order in before we can proceed with the order.

Fulfilled/Shipped: πŸ˜€

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