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Creating Products to Sync to Your Etsy Shop
Creating Products to Sync to Your Etsy Shop
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To create products for Print Genie to receive and fulfill,

Step 1 - Go to "My Store" in your Dashboard:

Step 2 - Click on "Etsy Stores" --> then click "VIEW" on your Etsy Store and it will bring you to the dashboard of your store.

Now you can create products to your Etsy shop by clicking "ADD PRODUCT"

Step 3 - Select the product you'd like to use, upload your image, click "Save to your store" and click on "Etsy"

Then click on your store in the drop down selection box

Follow the next simple steps to customize your product's name, description, price, etc and make sure you check the box "Publish product", click "NEXT", and then it will be published to your store.

That's it! Happy selling :)

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